3 Vikings free agents who could follow Mike Zimmer to Dallas

Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has signed on as the new defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. Could any players follow him there?

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1. Danielle Hunter would be dangerous with the Cowboys

If the Vikings are smart, they will sign Danielle Hunter to a long-term contract. They've played enough chicken with their star pass rusher. However, should Minnesota let Hunter walk in favor of a cheaper option, then Dallas could be a prime suitor. Yes, the Cowboys would have to perform some cap magic, but assuming Jerry and Stephen Jones can do the math, Hunter opposite of Micah Parsons is a very scary thought.

Spotrac places Hunter's market value at around $20 million per season on a multiyear deal. Hunter had a career high in sacks with 16.5. He is absolutely worth every penny, but for now Hunter is playing it cool and letting his market develop.

"Just letting everything play its course. I did my job. Everything's in my agent's hands and my team -- and whomever it is that's out there," Hunter said (via NFL.com). "My job, like I said, is to do my job. And I'm gonna make sure I stay in shape and whatever is best available for me, I'll take that."

All Hunter can do is sit back and let his agents make their money, and therefore earn him a large deal in the process.

"Staying in shape, doing my part, and then when the time comes, my agent or the Vikings, they'll come to a decision," Hunter said. "We'll see what's best when the time comes."

The Cowboys defense is already feared thanks to Parsons and a secondary which thrives on turnovers and risk-taking. Adding Hunter to the mix almost seems unfair.