5 realistic Chip Kelly replacements UCLA can hire to salvage this mess

UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelly
UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelly / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Former Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy

Eric Bienemy is only slightly more realistic than Pete Carroll, so take this with the boulder-sized grain of salt that it comes with. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Bienemy made his name as an assistant coach with the Chiefs, but unlike other Andy Reid proteges, he hasn't turned his stint as a successful offensive coordinator in Kansas City into a head coaching gig. Some argue race is a factor. Others point to flubbed interviews. There are also whispers of a questionable past.

So Bienemy hasn't gotten a chance as a head coach and he's without an NFL job at the moment after the Commanders chose not to keep him on after firing Ron Rivera. So maybe the UCLA job is his lifeline.

Bienemy would have to agree to pursue a college job. UCLA AD Martin Jarmond would have to decide it's worth the risk to hand him a job no one else seems willing to do. But maybe...