5 transfer portal quarterbacks who can win the Heisman Trophy in 2024

More often than not of late, a transfer quarterback will end up winning the Heisman Trophy.

Cameron Ward, Washington State Cougars
Cameron Ward, Washington State Cougars / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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1. Dillon Gabriel was already a Heisman Trophy contender at Oklahoma

When Dillon Gabriel announced he would be re-entering the transfer portal for a second time, that could me completely off-guard. He was a terrific quarterback initially at UCF before transferring over to Oklahoma. It was in Norman where Gabriel was a strong candidate for the 2023 Heisman Trophy mid-season. Obviously, the Sooners fell off a bit, and that hurt Gabriel's candidacy after Red River.

To be totally honest, I thought he was out of eligibility. With Gabriel back in the portal and tied to teams like Oregon as Bo Nix's replacement, USC as Caleb Williams' successor and Mississippi State to reunite with Jeff Lebby for a third time, you can safely say that Gabriel's options are out the wazoo. He must choose wisely, as he needs to elevate his mid-round draft stock and possible Heisman odds.

Given that he was already in the mix for it this past year, as well as his ample starting experience at both the Group of Five and Power Five levels, Gabriel has to be on the shortlist of candidates who can realistically join college football's most sacred fraternity around this time next season. While his pro prospects remain uncertain, we do know one thing about Gabriel. He is a strong college quarterback.

Wherever Gabriel ends up, that fanbase should be excited about landing this top transfer portal star.

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