AL Wild Card race: The 3 contenders and one team who will let its fans down

The 2023 regular season is coming to an end. It's now or never for these teams to make their final push in hopes of clinching a spot or going home just short.

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The Contender that will not make the postseason: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners currently hold a 61.9 percent chance of making the postseason, according to FanGraphs. They also aren't currently in a Wild Card slot, down half a game to the Rangers but currently winning 6-3 against the Athletics and will be tied.

The Mariners have ten games left, seven versus the Rangers and three versus the Astros. This doesn't look good for the Mariners because any mistakes could cost them the postseason, so they will need players like Julio Rodriguez to pretty much carry them.

The Mariners currently hold a record of 1-5 against the Rangers, with the only win being a 5-0 shutout. If the Mariners don't step up and play at an elite level in these final weeks, they will most likely miss the postseason, which would be very saddening, but fans need to be realistic. They also have to play three games against the Astros. While they currently hold an 8-2 record versus them, when the postseason is on the line, the Astros will always find a way to win.

Mariners have really good pitchers in Logan Gilbert, George Kirby, Bryce Miller, and Bryan Woo, along with others, but their main problem is they are too young. While they have been pitching well in 2023, all having a sub-4 ERA, they will struggle in the final few weeks as they are going to have to pitch against a lineup full of All-Star players.

While it would be another amazing headline to see the Mariners make the postseason, they have the lowest odds to make it, and unless they can dominate down the final stretch, they will get eliminated.

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