STL Cardinals Rumors: Adam Wainwright shade, reunion in the works, another free-agent target

St. Louis Cardinals Rumors: Adam Wainwright is ready for his final Atlanta start. Why Michael Wacha makes sense as a free-agent target. Japanese starter scouted.
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St. Louis Cardinals Rumors: Did Adam Wainwright throw shade at the Atlanta Braves?

Adam Wainwright is a former draft pick of the Atlanta Braves, though he feels very little connection to the organization he grew up rooting for. Wainwright, who is still just short of 200 wins, is in his final MLB season. He'll likely make his last start in the ATL on Thursday night.

Waino knows he'll feel some type of way in the final month of his career in St. Louis. It just likely won't come against the Braves, which feature one of the more powerful lineups in the major leagues.


“I mean, if I’m going to be honest, the only one I’m going to be emotional about is Busch Stadium,” said Wainwright, per “I love playing here, and I love coming to Atlanta and I’ll be sad to not come to these great parks anymore. But I’m OK with it.”

Wainwright is thankful that the Braves gave him his big-league chance in the first place. He was honored before Wednesday's game for a reason. However, when he's on the mound, Waino will have one sole focus -- escaping Atlanta's lineup alive.

“The Braves drafted me, which was amazing, but I got traded and I didn’t have a choice in that, but it ended up being amazing for me,” Wainwright continued. “Since then, all the contracts I have signed have been my choice, and I didn’t go anywhere because I wanted to be in St. Louis. I wanted to stay there, make a name there and help our franchise, which I felt like I did most of the time. It’s been a good partnership.”

Wainwright and the Braves know each other well at this point, but only as adversaries, not for what could have been.