Charles Barkley puts all the pressure on the Celtics to deliver a title this year

The Boston Celtics own the best record in the Eastern Conference, but it's been a while since they won a championship. Charles Barkley put all the pressure on them to deliver this year.

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If there was ever a time for the Boston Celtics to deliver an NBA championship, now would be the time.

The team owns a record of 48-14, which is the best in the NBA at the present moment.

However, it has been since 2008 that they actually won an NBA title, and the time to climb back to the top is now.

Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley thinks the time is now to deliver, and he made a bold statement about the team and their window to win a title.

"If they don't win a championship this year, it would be a total gag job because they've got everything," said Barkley. "I would be shocked if the Celtics don't win. They've got it all."

Chuck picks Celtics to win title

Clearly, Barkley is high on the Celtics, and rightfully so.

The team is full of stars such as Jayson Tatum, Kristaps Porzingis, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick White. They certainly have the pieces necessary to win a championship.

But Barkley clearly believes that they absolutely must get it done this year, or else, it will be a complete failure.

The Eastern Conference is full of powerful teams such as Boston, the Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks. Not to mention, the Orlando Magic have come out of nowhere and thrust themselves into the conversation.

Still, Boston leads Milwaukee for the top spot by 7.5 games and seemingly have the top seed all but locked up with just over a month left in the season.

It's clear as of now that the Celtics are the best team in the East, if not the entire NBA. The team is clicking on all cylinders and should be a force when the playoffs come around.

The regular season ends on April 14.

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