Everything the Chicago Cubs need to clinch a playoff berth this week

With only six games remaining, the Chicago Cubs must mount a significant final push to secure a postseason spot. Their performance in 2023 has been a remarkable surprise, and it would be unfortunate to witness them collapse under the pressure.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs are in a tight playoff race against the Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This is probably one of the best playoff races in a few seasons. With all of these teams neck and neck, any mistakes could mean elimination from postseason contention.

The Cubs are currently a game up on the Marlins and 2.5 up on the Reds. Nonetheless, it’s still a close race with only a few games left.

Currently, the Cubs hold a record of 82-74, but in the last ten they’ve struggled a bit with a 4-6 record. Much of that drama was created when they lost a series versus the Pittsburgh Pirates recently. Thankfully, sweeping the Rockies helped their cause.

Chicago Cubs magic number after Rockies sweep

In such a tight playoff race, it’s no wonder FanGraphs only gives the Cubs a 56 percent chance to even make the postseason. They also give the Marlins a 52 percent chance, the Reds a 6.9 percent chance, and the Diamondbacks are clinching soon with an 84.9 percent chance.

The Cubs only have six games left. To say it’s a close race would be an understatement. They have to play the Atlanta Braves for three games starting Tuesday before facing the Brewers starting Friday.

They’ve been successful against the Braves in 2023 with a record of 2-1 against them this season so far. In the last ten games the Cubs played the Brewers, they hold a record of 5-5, which includes winning two of the last three they played. They must play their best baseball against these teams in this final stretch to clinch a postseason spot.

According to MLB, the Cubs' probable pitchers for the Braves series will be ace Justin Steele, Jameson Taillon, and then Marcus Stroman, who would make his comeback to the starting rotation for the third and final game.

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