3 Chicago Cubs playing their way off the postseason roster

With the Chicago Cubs on the brink of an epic regular season collapse, these three players might not make the postseason roster should the team avoid disaster.
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Chicago Cubs playing their way off the roster: Jameson Taillon

Chicago's starting rotation is in flux at the end of the season. With Stroman coming back and pitching out of the bullpen, that eliminates one potential option -- or perhaps could re-open that door down the line if he's successful in his transition.

Jameson Taillon could be the odd man out in Chicago's postseason rotation. Taillon has an ERA over five in his last seven games, and has an 0-4 record. The Cubs are expected to pitch Kyle Hendricks and Justin Steele in a Wild Card series, should they make it. An opener involving Stroman, or perhaps Jordan Wicks, makes a lot of sense as a potential third start. Where does that leave Taillon?

Chicago skipped Taillon's turn through the rotation this week, showing that they can ill-afford a bad start this time of the year. Just a couple of weeks ago, Cubbies Crib's Jordan Campbell showcased Chicago's Taillon problem:

"There was a stretch during July and the beginning of August where Taillon appeared to have turned the corner from his struggles to start the season but his past four starts have been a disaster...Jordan Wicks is among the homegrown pitchers that the Cubs will be leaning on during the final month of the season but the lack of veteran stability from Taillon could be what leads to the team coming up short in terms of winning the division."

Now, the Cubs pitching issues could actually eliminate them from the postseason altogether.

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