Chiefs Rumors: Mike Evans update, Jones-Sneed with new cap, Hardman nixes FA suitor

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Chiefs Rumors: Mike Evans update could rule out Kansas City coup

One of the recent stories buzzing about NFL circles over the past few days has been a possible connection between longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Mike Evans and the Chiefs. It's obvious why that would be the case too. With the aforementioned increased cap, if Kansas City let one of Sneed or Jones walk, they could spend big to address one of their other primary needs at receiver as Evans hits free agency.

That move, however, now seems like it could have some complications. The first big reason for that, as reported by ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler on Sunday's morning edition of SportsCenter, is that there is mutual interest between the Bucs and Evans about reuniting as the wide receiver reportedly "wants to retire a Buccaneer," via Bleacher Report.

Fowler did note that Evans is still willing to explore the free agency market for a big new contract and B/R noted that previous reports indicated that the Bucs were far apart on talks with Evans about another deal. Having said that, this all could spell some big trouble for the Chiefs if they truly have interest in pursuing the star pass-catcher.

If Evans were to go to the Chiefs, even with the increased cap flexibility, it would be most likely to happen at a proverbial championship discount. The way the current situation is framed, though, the major motivations right now for Evans appear to be either getting a substantial payday or returning to the Bucs for the remainder of his NFL career. Both of those likely preclude Kansas City's involvement.

As is always the case with free agency, these things are fluid. There is no guarantee that the Chiefs wouldn't pay Evans top-of-market money on a contract, especially if they were to simply lose out on one of Jones or Sneed. With the way things stand currently, though, this might be more of a wish than a reality for Kansas City this offseason.

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