5 dream MLB Winter Meetings moves the Cubs should make

Could big moves be on the horizon for the Chicago Cubs?

Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Angels
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2) Dream Winter Meetings move the Cubs should make: Trading for Juan Soto

Signing Shohei Ohtani would be the biggest free agency addition in franchise history. A trade for Juan Soto might just be the biggest trade acquisition in franchise history. Yes, he's that good.

The Cubs can trade for Soto and immediately put him in the middle of their order. He'd replace Bellinger in the outfield. They'd lose a lot defensively, but also gain a lot offensively. Soto is a true difference-maker with the bat.

Just as signing Ohtani, trading for Soto would come with major risk. He's in the final year of team control and is almost certainly going to test free agency after the season no matter where he is. Yes, there's always the chance he could re-sign, but is that a risk the Cubs are willing to take? It'd take a whole lot to land him.

With Soto likely being on the move this offseason and the Cubs having the prospect capital and the money to make a deal work, there's no reason for Hoyer to not make the call. If he can get the ask down enough, the Cubs can add Soto while also not trading prospects like Pete Crow-Armstrong or Cade Horton. That's the ultimate dream.