Cubs rumors: Cody Bellinger latest, Yamamoto disappointment, Hendricks extension

  • How likely is a Kyle Hendricks extension?
  • Disagreement on if Cubs are in or out on Yamamoto
  • Cody Bellinger's free agency updates

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Kyle Hendricks extension?

Kyle Hendricks will pitch for the Chicago Cubs next year, that much we know. The team picked up its option on his contract and appeared to pick him as their retained rotation piece over Marcus Stroman as free agency kicked off, with Stroman yet to sign with his next team.

Hendricks has only ever pitched for the Cubs and is coming up on his 11th year with the franchise. He'd like to stay and is a great fit for the organization as well as a typically consistent and steady starting arm.

Patrick Mooney reports that, although there's presumed interest from both sides, an extension was not discussed (subscription required) when they picked up the option, largely because they can simply work this out later.

A reasonable assessment of the situation is that Hendricks is not a flight risk, the Cubs want to get the deal done, but can build a better team by putting moves like this down the line to retain flexibility to add talent elsewhere. They'll take care of Hendricks when and where it makes sense.

The Cubs extended Ian Happ last year just a few games into the season. Perhaps that timing lines up for Hendricks, as well, once the front office has a final look at the year's payroll expectations.

Certainly, he can force the issue if he hasn't received an early-season extension by establishing himself as the ace for 2024 early in the year.