Cubs Rumors: Where things stand on Soto, Hader-Counsell advantage, Dawson controversy

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Cubs Rumors: Andre Dawson Hall-of-Fame controversy

One Chicago Cubs legend is currently making a push to have his Hall of Fame plaque changed.

Former outfielder Andre Dawson played six seasons of his MLB career with the North Siders. However, when he was enshrined in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, he did not get to choose which team's hat he would wear on his plaque.

Instead, the Hall of Fame chose to put him in a Montreal Expos cap. For years, Dawson has tried to get the Hall of Fame to change his plaque to show him in a Cubs cap. Unfortunately, he may not get what he wants. In fact, he doesn't even expect the Hall of Fame to even entertain the idea, per ESPN:

"I don't expect them to jump on something like this," said Dawson. "If they elect to respond, they'll take their time. And it wouldn't surprise me if they don't respond."

Clearly, Dawson doesn't feel great about his chances of getting his plaque changed. Dawson played 11 years in Montreal in addition to his six years in Chicago. He also spent two years in his native South Florida with the then-Florida Marlins and two years with the Boston Red Sox.