Cubs rumors: Marcus Stroman's latest, David Ross on the hot seat, Hendricks' future

  • The most recent news on Marcus Stroman, and his future with the Chicago Cubs
  • Kyle Hendricks' tenure with the Chicago Cubs could be ending soon
  • Could David Ross be on the Hot Seat?

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In a recent article by Sahadev Sharma and Patrick Mooney for The Athletic (subscription required), it was revealed that Marcus Stroman will most likely opt into the final year of his contract, giving him $21 million in 2024.

Marcus Stroman has recently suffered from many injuries and is currently playing hurt out of the Chicago Cubs bullpen in hopes of helping them reach the postseason. In The Athletic article, it was also revealed that the main reason Stroman was pushing for a new contract was that he didn't want to reach free agency with the potential to earn less than he could if extended.

Cubs rumors: Marcus Stroman tried to get an extension, but talks stalled

Stroman tweeted out on June 10, "My agent and I made multiple attempts to engage them on an extension. Club wasn’t interested in exploring it now. Will see how it plays out! Love everything about the Cubs organization!"

It now seems likely that he will opt into the final year of his contract and will not see the $100 million or more that many were expecting him to receive before his struggles with injuries and giving up runs started.