Hate it or Love it: In-Season Tournament player performances

The NBA's In-Season tournament has already provided us with plenty of high (and low)lights. Last night's slate of win-or-go-home matchups were no different. 

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Phoenix Suns @ Los Angeles Lakers

Love it: Austin Reaves finishes with 20 points 

Austin Reaves provided a huge boost to the Lakers' offense off the bench. Early on in the season, Austin had not performed well playing with the starters. Since his move to the bench, AR has flourished. Last night was probably the closest Austin Reaves has been to his "I'm HIM!" playoff mode since last year. Reaves finished with 20 points, six rebounds, and two assists. He also drilled a 3-pointer with 15 seconds left to seal the deal. Last night, Reaves was the Lakers' third leading scorer. This is a badge AR earned and wore with honor during LA's postseason run last season. Reaves seems to have found his rhythm at just the right time. After a bumpy start to the season, it warms my heart to see Reaves help the Lakers punch their ticket to Vegas. The Lakers are now one game closer to $500,000.

Hate It: Devin Booker 6-16 from the field. 

Though he finished with 21 points, Booker only took and made one three-point shot the entire game. I'm all for 100% efficiency. That being said, I'm not a fan of passing up shots just to make that claim. Booker wasn't as aggressive as he needed to be with his three-point shooting in this game. I shouldn't be the one to tell you to diversify your scoring portfolio, DB, but I will. Sure, those 10 turnovers in the first quarter (the most by any team in the league this season) didn't help the Suns' case at all. However, do you really think Eric Gordon deserves more three-point attempts than you? Don't get me wrong, Eric Gordon can make shots. At the end of the day, Booker is the longest-tenured player on that team and needs to act like it. Demand the ball. One more three would have changed the course of that game. Oh well. Bye-bye to $500,000. 

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