How Lakers new streaming service could change everything for fans

The Lakers are launching their streaming service in response to the decline of cable. Does this mean that Lakers fan can't watch their games on cable soon?

Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages

As the entire NBA world continues to adjust to the streaming world, it seems like one of the premiere franchises will be creating its own platform.

As noted by Front Office Sports, the Los Angeles Lakers will be creating Spectrum Sportsnet+ which will serve as a 24/7 feed that will provide Lakers content. This content will include a live feed on the Lakers' games.

Of course, fans in L.A. who already have Spectrum through a registered cable provider can get the service free of charge. Fans can buy this package at The package will cost $19.99 dollars a month or $179.99 dollars for the entire season.

The creation of this service is in response to the slow demise of cable.

The NBA as a whole has adjusted to the end of cable as a league and through their own teams' services. This seems like a similar service to the service that the in-city rivals offer. The Clippers offer fans the chance to watch their games without paying for cable by offering them to pay for ClippersVision.

With the rise of streaming, how long until Lakers fans can no longer watch games on cable?

It's unclear how long the cable industry has. Still, it's clear that the end is near. The world is shifting to a place where people are able to pay for less content that they don't want. You can argue that cable is easier or cheaper but streaming will allow you to pay for the content that you actually want.

It will be interesting to see what the Lakers do with their original content. Teams could produce their own documentaries that could interest sports fans into buying the service. While other teams might not be able to get other fans to sign up for their streaming service, the Lakers' rich history might allow the team to get other teams' fans to pay for the service.

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