Indiana Fever's intro video for Caitlin Clark might give you nightmares

The Indiana Fever selected Cailtin Clark with the first pick in the WNBA draft. Their intro video was creative, but also quite scary.
2024 WNBA Draft
2024 WNBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Buy your tickets now, Indianapolis. The Caitlin Clark show is coming to you soon.

Clark was selected first overall by the Indiana Fever in Monday night's WNBA Draft. Frankly, it would've been a disservice to the league itself to take anyone else. Clark has Steph Curry range, and put women's college basketball back on the map this season with the help of her fellow collegiate stars.

The women's NCAA Tournament was undeniably more popular than men's March Madness. Ratings do not lie, and fresh off their best season to date, the WNBA adds Clark, Angel Reese and more to a crowded group of impressive rookies in the 2024 class.

While the Fever made the right pick, they also gave Indiana basketball fans some nightmare fuel in the process, turning their first-overall selection into an action figure.

Why did the Indiana Fever select Caitlin Clark first overall?

Well, let's start with the obvious. Clark is the most talented player in this year's class via the optics. She carried the Iowa Hawkeyes to back-to-back National Championship games, falling to LSU and South Carolina in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Clark also brings with her an impressive marketing opportunity. She could've stayed at Iowa and perhaps made a ton in NIL money, but the WNBA is rapidly expanding and endorsements for Clark will soon follow. For those who choose to believe the women's basketball boom is a short-term play, I had very bad news for you.

Indiana Fever's Caitlin Clark introductory video is creepy

Clark is a real-life action figure waiting to happen. She is an inspiration to many young basketball fans, especially women, and the Fever should take advantage of that. However, it's impossible to deny that this video will give us some nightmares. It's how social media works.

Fever fans seemed to love the intro, however, which is a sign of how hard they'll root for Clark once the season begins. For the rest of us, well, we ought to be scared. The Fever could be a problem once the league year starts and beyond.