5 post-retirement jobs Jason Kelce would be amazing at

Just because Jason Kelce is no longer playing football does not mean he is done doing work.

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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1. Podcaster providing us absolutely splendid analysis on the reg, brother

Let's be real. This is obviously what he is going to do next. Kelce is going to take on an even more serious role on New Heights while his brother winds down his playing career. This will probably parlay into other media-centric ventures. I am not sure if Kelce is ready to call games just yet, but I could see him being a studio analyst for FOX or Amazon or something. The NFL needs its version of Roy Kent.

I would expect that Kelce's future lies entirely in media. It may have been a fun thing to do in his mid-to-late 30s with his younger brother, but New Heights has really taken off. With more free time on his hands during fall Sundays, look for Kelce to have an increased media presence, assuming he is not going to be the same suite with Taylor Swift and Mom crushing Coors Lights like Patrick Mahomes.

Ultimately, this is the most logical next profession for Kelce because one, he is already good at it, and two, it allows for every single one of these other potential ventures opportunities to manifest. If he wants to be the founder/CEO of Hot Dude Yoga, Kelce will have the additional financial backing to do the impossible, which is to get guys like me who hate stretching to embrace it like a steamy shower.

Kelce is not only good for the grays and the pores, he is good for the soul and the earholes, bro.

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