Jets give Aaron Rodgers at least 3 reasons not to come back

Why should the Jets reconsider Aaron Rodgers' early return? Find out the key factors.

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
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2. New York's coaching staff is an alarming problem

Nathaniel Hackett is one of Rodgers's best friends, but that doesn't change the fact that the Jets offense has scored less than 15 points seven times this season. It's not just the offensive coordinator that's an issue, as head coach Robert Saleh is on track for his third consecutive losing season.

It might be time for New York's owner Woody Johnson to make a few tough decisions, as he cannot allow the coaches to hold his team back. The Jets are struggling to put the ball in the end zone on top of constantly committing penalties in crucial situations.

The Jets have already committed 65 penalties this season, which isn't a recipe for success, especially when Hackett's offense averages just 15 points per game.

Even though Wilson was benched against Buffalo, he can't be the one to take all the blame. The former second-overall pick has gotten the Jets into the red zone but has been halted by his teammates' bonehead penalties and Hackett's play calls.

Hackett was the Head Coach of the terrible Denver Broncos last season and is now the man in charge of arguably the league's worst offense. Rodgers has a great relationship with the current OC, but that shouldn't stop the Jets from making the right move.