Josh Allen tries to quell any Bills trade talk before it takes off like wildfire

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen tried to quiet any trade talk around wide receiver Stefon Diggs during a Media Row interview with Pat McAfee.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round. Unfortunately for Josh Allen and Co., the AFC is the Chiefs to lose until proven otherwise. Even in a seemingly weak year for this Kansas City team, they went on the road to defeat Buffalo and Baltimore in short order.

Some large offseason decisions loom for the Bills, namely what they will do with wide receiver Stefon Diggs. While Diggs is Allen's favorite weapon, Buffalo has a potential out after next season. The Bills could also choose to trade Diggs for top value now while he's still in his early-30's, rather than holding onto him at a premium price.

For his part, Allen dispelled those rumors by reminding Bills fans how excited he is to continue throwing to Diggs next season.

Josh Allen hints at Stefon Diggs Bills return

Allen and Diggs know they are often under a microscope. While the relationship is productive overall, the two have feuded on the sidelines in the past.

“Absolutely,” Allen said. “We’ve talked about it and literally anything that we do on the sideline, whether it’s good or bad, if it’s communicated the right way. Whatever it is, it gets put under the microscope and judged every certain way and every angle.”

Allen added that the pair try their best not to show each other up on the sidelines. Sometimes, emotions get the best of all of us.

“Again, we’re just trying to be the best teammates that we could be for each other. You know, I owe a lot of success in my career to him and I think he would feel the same way about me. But I love that guy like a brother. Always will," Allen said.

If Diggs does return, it'll keep one of the best QB-WR pairing in the league together. If not, Allen will have to start from scratch with a new top weapon.

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