4 huge trades Lakers could make to shake up the roster

The Lakers are not where they want to be and need to upgrade their offense. Here are four potential trades that could pursue to improve their team.

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls
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3. D'Angelo Russell and Cam Reddish for Malcolm Brogdon

The Lakers have been filled with disappointments all over the roster and D'Angelo Russell is another player in that position. He has an All-Star appearance to his name but, with this new team, he hasn't been able to get it done. Over his last 11 games, he's been atrocious, averaging 10.6 points, 2.2 rebounds, 5.7 assists, on .414/.308/.714 shooting splits which has led to him being benched.

Cam Reddish was a player who found himself in the starting lineup due to injuries but has been able to keep that job for the Lakers. He has provided very good defense but outside of free throw shooting, he hasn't been much of an offensive threat.

This is why the Lakers could trade for Malcolm Brogdon. His numbers have been very similar to Russell's except Brogdon has been much more efficient and has had a 50/40/90 season in the past. He is also a very good defender which would help replace the defense lost from Reddish.

In this hypotheical trade, there is decision that needs to be made on who gets moved up into the starting lineup. It should be Brogdon because he is a defender, can move off the ball, and is a fantastic shooter. This still lets Austin Reaves come off the bench where he has excelled this season.

In this trade the Lakers lose a little bit of their wing depth but in return get an efficient scorer and defender. The Lakers know that if they want to be successful, their offense needs to take a huge jump and could make this move to improve the team.