Lakers rumors: 3 buyout candidates LeBron James need to convince to sign in LA

The trade market is getting tight and the Lakers might need to find help elsewhere. LeBron James should consider calling up these three buyout candidates.

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2. Joe Harris

Joe Harris is an obvious solution to the Lakers' 3-point shooting problem. Harris has only played in 15 of the Pistons' 47 games so far this season. It seems more likely that he could be bought out rather than traded given his contract value. (one-year, $19.9 million) I mean, who's paying $20 million for a guy that's averaging 2.5 points this season? (Charlotte, pick up the phone.)

Even if he hasn't gotten the chance to show Detroit this year, Harris is a proven sniper from beyond the arc. Last season, Harris shot 42 percent from 3-point range. He may not be an athletic slasher, but he's going to keep the defense honest. As we all know, the Lakers have struggled to score from the perimeter this season. That's where Joe Harris comes in.

However, don't expect defensive help from Joe Harris. This man is a purebred 3-point specialist. Live with it on defense, stick him in the corner, and force the other team's help defender to make a tough decision! Sometimes, that little bit of extra attention goes a long way.

Pretty sure he wouldn't mind going from the 6-41 Pistons to the 24-25 Lakers too, but, who knows?