Lakers say they don't care what playoff seed they have as long as they're in

The Los Angeles Lakers are barely hanging in the playoff race. However, the only thing on their minds is getting in and taking care of business.

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers
Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers are barely hanging in the playoff race in the Western Conference.

At 34-29, they sit in the ninth spot in the Western Conference, two games ahead of the Golden State Warriors, who sit in the 10th spot.

Needless to say, while the Lakers have had a mostly successful season, they are far from a powerhouse, and may not be able to avoid the Play-In Tournament.

However, whatever seed they end up with is of little concern to them. As long as they make the playoffs, they'll feel confident.

Lakers not worried about playoff seeding

The Lakers did prove last year that as long as a team reaches the playoffs, they have a chance to do damage and make a run. As the seventh seed, they advanced all the way to the Western Conference Finals, though they were swept by the eventual NBA champion Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers certainly aren't going to be a championship favorite should they survive the Play-In tournament and reach the postseason, but that doesn't seem to concern Davis, especially on a night when he helped the Lakers power through the Thunder.

The Miami Heat were the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference last year and ultimately made a surprise run to the NBA finals before also falling short against the Nuggets.

Basketball can never be scripted, and in some cases, the best team doesn't always win. If the Lakers can get hot, they believe that they can be a championship contender, as they were last year after securing the seventh seed in the West.

They are only two games back of the Phoenix Suns, who currently occupy the sixth spot in the West.

Time will tell if the Lakers can stay hot and ultimately find a way to avoid the Play-In Tournament.

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