MLB Rumors: 3 best Dylan Cease trade offers from 3 Yankees rivals

If the Yankees won't put together a compelling offer for Dylan Cease, perhaps some of their biggest rivals will.

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1) The best Red Sox trade offer for Dylan Cease

Dylan Cease Red Sox

It can be argued that no team in the majors needs pitching more than the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have a potent lineup and a strong bullpen but their rotation consistently holds them back. It was rough last season, and that was with Chris Sale making 20 starts. This season can be downright awful with Sale traded and his replacement, Lucas Giolito, out for presumably the entire season.

What the Red Sox really should do is go out and sign one of Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery, but with the Red Sox pinching for every penny, who knows if that will happen. Instead, they can get Cease who is only making $8 million this season, and really upgrade their rotation for the next two years.

The White Sox would probably ask for one of Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony, or Kyle Teel, but chances are Boston won't give any of those top three prospects up. Even with that being said, the Red Sox can put together a competitive package.

Ceddanne Rafaela is a top 100 prospect according to MLB Pipeline and is MLB-ready. He'd be the headliner. Another MLB-ready player could be thrown into the deal in Wilyer Abreu. Nick Yorke gained a ton of hype last season and would be a strong third piece.

Tanner Houck is the wild card. He hasn't quite worked out as a starting pitcher yet, but the White Sox can afford to take the gamble. His stuff is outstanding and he's under team control through the 2027 season.

This is more of a quantity-over-quality package from the Red Sox but it's one that the White Sox, a team in need of a whole lot of help, would presumably consider.