MLB Rumors: 3 free agents the St. Louis Cardinals should avoid at all costs

The St. Louis Cardinals will be active this offseason, but these three players aren't worth their asking price.

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Julio Urias

Julio Urias is a complicated case. He has tremendous upside as a pitcher, can strike hitters out, and is also somebody who doesn't walk many batters.

He isn't having a good season this year, as he owns a 4.60 ERA, but he had the best ERA in the National League last season.

So why should the Cardinals avoid him you ask? Well, Urias is currently not with the Los Angeles Dodgers following an arrest on suspicion of domestic violence back in early September. Major League Baseball has yet to reach its decision on what they will do with the embattled left-hander.

This was also the second time that Urias had been arrested on a domestic violence charge. While MLB is still gathering the facts, a move by the Cardinals to sign him would come with a lot of controversy and could lead to some off-the-field distractions.

It is for this reason that the Cardinals should not even entertain the idea of signing Urias, whose future in Major League Baseball is now in doubt after his recent arrest.

While the league still hasn't reached its decision, the Cardinals would be better served looking elsewhere to find their starting pitching help.