MLB Rumors: 3 reasons the Cardinals will bounce back in 2024

A disastrous season for the Cardinals is almost over. Here's why they'll be more prepared next year and won't let this happen again.

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
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Reasons the St. Louis Cardinals can contend next year: 2. They already acknowledged changes need to be made

Back in July, John Mozeliak sat down with St. Louis sports insider Martin Kilcoyne to discuss what went wrong in 2023. To the surprise of fans, the Cardinals president of baseball operations was very candid and honest about what happened.

Mozeliak stated he wished he had added more pitching in the offseason and that it was his single biggest regret of the year. He also acknowledged that the team's strategy must change when it comes to building their roster.

In the following days, he outlined his plan for the trade deadline and beyond, reiterating the fact that the Cardinals will need to do more and stating that between then and spring training 2024, the focus will be "pitching pitching pitching."

The Cards added plenty of pitching at the trade deadline, acquiring Tekoah Roby, Adam Kloffenstein, Sem Robberse, and Drew Rom to bolster the pitching depth within their farm system. More will need to be done, but Mozeliak's trade deadline acquisitions are certainly a good place to start as the team continues to retool.