Grading ‘mystery team’ fits for Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery

With the offseason seemingly at a standstill, it's time to start grading potential ‘mystery team’ fits for Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, among others.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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Every offseason, there are rumors about mystery teams lurking for players on the trade and free-agent markets. That has not been the case once this winter and it just feels like we are ripe for a mystery team to turn the offseason upside down.

Maybe that’s just me wishing that the baseball offseason would heat up. Because right now, it’s quiet. Too quiet. We need action – a big signing, a big trade – honestly just *something* to happen.

Let’s say that a mystery team does emerge this offseason. What players could it involve? What teams could it potentially involve? Let’s dive into some possibilities for three players on the market.

Cody Bellinger mystery team: Colorado Rockies

Okay, yes. I know. This is really out there. I get it. But hear me out.

The market for Cody Bellinger at this point, via reports, includes the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays and San Francisco Giants. The Cubs have been considered unlikely to retain Bellinger, according to reports, while the Blue Jays just added Kevin Kiermaier back to their outfield, lessening the potential need for Bellinger. The Giants, meanwhile, continue to make sense for Bellinger, but have continued conversations with Matt Chapman.

If the Giants sign Chapman, then they are going to shift their focus toward shoring up the rotation. Which would lessen another suitor for Bellinger.

Perhaps, and most likely, it could make a reunion in Chicago more likely for Bellinger. But perhaps his agent, Scott Boras, could do something similar for Bellinger that he did for Kris Bryant: get a desperate owner in Dick Monfort to sign a star player to a lucrative, $200+ million deal.

I’m not saying it’s likely. Heck, I’ll even put it in the super super super unlikely category. But hey, stranger things have happened.

Grading the fit: 0.5/10.