MLB Rumors: Red Sox extension, Mike Trout's options, Blake Snell's alternative

  • Red Sox discussing extension with young starting pitcher
  • Mike Trout's options for Angels future
  • Blake Snell's non-Yankees suitors

2024 Boston Red Sox Spring Training
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MLB Rumors: Blake Snell's non-Yankees suitors

One of the more puzzling developments of this offseason revolves around Blake Snell and his never-ending ride in free agency. The southpaw just won the 2023 NL Cy Young Award and his reward for doing so is remaining a free agent into late February.

Not only is Snell lingering around in free agency, he's received almost no public interest. Other than the New York Yankees, we haven't heard of a single team even offering him a contract.

The Yankees were seemingly most interested in signing Snell before they came to an agreement with Marcus Stroman. Snell still makes a lot of sense for the Yankees, but who knows where their level of interest is at this current moment.'s Mark Feinsand says that Snell still has an offer on the table from New York, but names two other teams, the Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants, as possibilities.

The Angels and Giants have been linked to Snell for much of the offseason for the simple reason that they're big market teams in need of starting pitching. How interested these teams are in Snell in particular is unknown, and no contract offer has been reported from either team.

For each of these three teams, their interest levels will likely vary depending on Snell's asking price. If he continues to remain at an unreasonable figure, he'll continue to sit on the free agency market. If his price falls, perhaps one of these three teams will swoop in.

Until the other teams make offers the Yankees are probably the perceived favorites, but the Angels and Giants remaining linked to Snell suggests he has other options if his price dips.