MLB Rumors: Yankees Dylan Cease backup plan, Bieber trade concern, Red Sox letdown

  • Yankees pivoting to new starting pitcher after missing out on Dylan Cease
  • Shane Bieber trade concern
  • Red Sox continue to act cheap

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
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MLB Rumors: Red Sox continue to act cheap after Adam Duvall signs with Braves

It's been an offseason full of frustration for Boston Red Sox fans. They were told that the team was going to go 'full throttle' in an attempt to win, and it's safe to say that the Sox have not backed up that claim whatsoever.

The biggest complaint that Red Sox fans have is that the organization is being cheap, and it's not hard to see why. The Red Sox payroll is closer to the 19th-highest in the league than the 9th-highest according to Spotrac which is not normal for a Boston organization that used to be among the biggest spenders in the sport.

We saw the Red Sox in peak cheap form on Thursday with Adam Duvall, a player who was reportedly on their radar all offseason, signing a one-year deal worth just $3 million to join the Braves. Last offseason, the Red Sox gave Duvall $7 million coming off a .677 OPS season. Duvall's OPS was over 150 points higher this past season for Boston, yet they let him walk to Atlanta for more than half of the $7 million. Mind-boggling stuff.

The Red Sox were dealt with some disappointing news as outfielder Rob Refsnyder suffered a fractured toe. For Red Sox fans who hoped that injury would lead the team to make an additional move, they're disappointed, as Julian McWilliams of the Boston Globe reported that external options like Tommy Pham are viewed as unlikely to be considered by the Red Sox, with the team likely focusing on internal options instead.

That's just the latest of many examples of Boston being cheap. They can add an experienced bat in Pham for awfully cheap, yet they're just going to stick with what they have.