MLB Rumors: Yankees could offer record contract, Braves rotation shuffle, Javy Baez trade

MLB Rumors: Braves do the rotation shuffle, the Yankees plan on offering a record contract, and the Javy Baez trade will go down as an all-time flop.

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MLB Rumors: Javy Baez trade value at an all-time low

Just a few short years ago, Javy Baez and Trevor Williams were traded to the Mets for a package that included Pete Crow-Armstrong, Chicago's top prospect who was just called up to the big leagues on Monday. Crow-Armstrong is now the No. 12 prospect in all of baseball, which goes to show you exactly what Baez could fetch when he was at his best.

Now with the Detroit Tigers, Baez is at his worst. His trade value has absolutely tanked, and the only way Scott Harris could dump his contract is if another GM...well, chased a trade like Baez does a breaking ball. Yikes.

Baez has an out in his contract this offseason, and he's unlikely to use it. This means he'll be in MoTown for at least a few more seasons and barring a complete turnaround, his tenure will be an immense disappointment. Signing Baez was meant to be a sign of things to come -- a true building block for a Tigers organization that finished the 2021 campaign just a few games under .500. The tide was turning, or so we thought.

Al Avila has been fired, and Miggy is about to retire. A.J. Hinch's job is safe for now. But these Tigers are still years away from their competitive window, thanks in part to Harris, who is still cleaning up the mess Avila left -- Baez included.

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