NBA rumors: Kawhi Leonard extension was just the first order of business for Clippers

After signing Kawhi Leonard to an extension, the Clippers are on their way to extending the rest of the team's core — specifically, Paul George.

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

After signing Kawhi Leonard to a three-year max extension, the Clippers are looking to keep the rest of their core together for the foreseeable future. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, L.A is looking to keep Paul George on a long-term extension as well. The All-NBA veteran is a free agent after this season and could look to go elsewhere if not given the love by the Clippers.

One could also assume that the team will find a way to keep James Harden since the team traded for the All-Star at the start of the season. Unlike George and Leonard, Harden cannot sign an extension until the offseason due to CBA rules.

The Clippers struggled to start the season with Harden but have done a lot better of late. The squad is a legitimate contender to compete for their franchise's first trip to the Finals. In the offseason, there were a lot of questions about whether L.A. would be able to keep the two wings long-term, or even want to give their injury concerns.

So is it a good move for the Clippers to re-sign both?

Are the Clippers doing the right thing extending Paul George and Kawhi Leonard?

The Clippers have been in the championship conversation every year the two wings have been healthy, so it was the right thing to re-sign both players. Also, the franchise needs to have two premier stars with the arena coming in next season. While L.A. will not be guaranteed to win a title over the next three to four years, they will certainly be in the hunt. This is all that a fan could ask for.

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