NBA rumors: Killian Hayes trade request, Tobias Harris buzz, Mavs deadline wishlist

  • Killian Hayes has requested a trade and the world keeps turning
  • With Joel Embiid out there is buzz around Tobias Harris as a rising trade target
  • Exactly what the Dallas Mavericks are looking for at the trade deadline

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NBA Rumors: Mavs deadline wishlist

The Dallas Mavericks front office has been amongst the most active in the NBA leading up to the trade deadline with hopes of upgrading their roster around their superstar tandem of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. With that said, they’ve illustrated the archetype of the type of player they’re looking for.

Per Tim Cato of The Athletic (subscription required), Dallas is “most interested in a tall four, ideally with two-way ability and solid spot-up shooting.” While it is nice for the Mavs to make their wishes clear, a defensive-minded stretch four is highly coveted around the NBA, meaning teams aren’t eager to give guys like that away.

Funny enough, the Mavericks essentially had the exact type of player they’re searching for in the form of Kristaps Porzingis, who is now thriving with the Boston Celtics before they traded him to the Washington Wizards in 2022.

Alas, some names that come to mind as realistic trade targets who fit the bill of Dallas’ wishlist include Andrew Wiggins (Golden State Warriors), Jerami Grant (Portland Trail Blazers), P.J. Washington/Miles Bridges (Charlotte Hornets), and Kyle Kuzma (Washington Wizards).

However, ESPN’s Senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said that the Wizards “are not trying to trade him [Kuzma],” in his latest podcast episode on The Woj Pod

With a limited pool of players to choose from and a finite amount of assets and draft capital, the Mavericks desire to upgrade on the wing may be easier said than done.

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