Nets' interim replacement for Jacque Vaughn revealed

After firing their head coach, the Nets have quickly replaced their head coach with a replacment for the rest of the season at the very least.

Connecticut v Cincinnati
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After firing their head coach Jacque Vaughn, the Brooklyn Nets have moved quickly to replace him with a coach for the rest of the season. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Brooklyn is promoting Kevin Ollie to interim head coach after firing Vaughn.

Ollie previously coached Connecticut to a national championship in 2014. Before then, the coach played in the NBA as a journeyman around the league. He ended up getting fired from UConn after leading the school two seasons that ended with more losses than wins. The Nets are currently trying to make the play-in tournament with the hope that the core is good enough to justify a trade for a superstar this offseason.

While Vaughn might not be a great coach, the Nets were trying to make it work with Mikal Bridges as the number one option. Ollie will be faced with taking the offense to a good enough level with Bridges at the helm. Ollie's long-term employment with the franchise or lack will likely be determined by his ability to keep Bridges or any actual All-NBA veteran that they acquire happy. Can Ollie do that?

Can Ollie keep Mikal Bridges or any actual All-NBA veteran they acquire happy?

In all reality, it's easy to see a world where Ollie is able to keep Bridges happy by making him a main focus part of the offense. Steve Nash, the coach before Vaughn had most of the offense funnelled through Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. While the national champion hasn't been a head coach in a while, it's easy to see a system where he run everything through the team's best players.

If Ollie kept this approach, it's likely that one star would want to come to the Nets via free agency or a trade request since he would be able to control the offense. At the end of the day, Brooklyn needs to build actual identity rather than find stars who build the squad make up. While an actual direction might be the best thing for the Nets, Ollie would probably have a better chance at keeping his job if he choose to design a system of offense that carter to their stars. If not, the Nets will begin a search for yet another head coach.

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