NFL Rumors: Coach Prime buzz, Bakhiarti conspiracy, Chubb's surprise replacement

  • Will Colorado coach Deion Sanders jump to the NFL?
  • David Bakhtiari conspiracy theory is debunked by Packers fans
  • Nick Chubb's replacement on Browns won't be Kareem Hunt.

Colorado State v Colorado
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NFL Rumors: Will Deion Sanders leave Colorado for the NFL?

Deion Sanders has only been in charge for three regular-season games at Colorado, and he already has NFL front office executives wondering if he'll leave Boulder for the professional ranks. What Sanders has done in such a short time at CU is nothing short of remarkable. The Buffaloes were a dormant Power-5 program last season -- they won just one game -- and Sanders rebuilt the roster overnight thanks to his own sons and the transfer portal. Just over a dozen original Colorado players remain on the current roster.

That sort of turnover is unheard of in college football, and had many questioning Sanders's methods before he ever stepped foot on the practice field. Yet, his players bought in, especially those who followed him from Jackson State. A culture was established, and now CU is 3-0 heading into tough games against Oregon and USC. Regardless of the result, Sanders should be proud. Colorado made the right hire, but how long will Deion stay?


The Athletic polled over a dozen high-ranking NFL executives, many of whom would be interested in at least hearing Deion out, if he's interested.

“I’d definitely want to bring him in to hear what he has to say,” an executive said. “He’s a smart guy and a good coach who has had a lot of early success. You’d want to pick his brain to see if it could translate. He knows how to motivate his players. He’s crushed the transfer portal, and maybe that would carry over into team building through free agency.”

One evaluator said he loves Deion's "energy", while another complimented his ability to "develop young men". Another general manager went as far as to suggest Sanders could receive head coaching offers this year if he continues to succeed in Boulder.

“I think he gets (NFL head-coaching interview) offers this year,” an evaluator said. “But I believe he is better in college where he can tilt the scales and dominate the talent pool with his ability to recruit. I think he would be successful in NFL, too, but could really create a long-term powerhouse in college.”

Sanders is unlikely to leave just a year after arriving, but Colorado won't be his last coaching stop.