NFL rumors: Cowboys after star LB, Ron Rivera future, Drew Brees return

  • Drew Brees would still be playing were it not for his shoulder
  • Ron Rivera's future with the Commanders in question
  • The Cowboys are kicking the tires on signing a free agent LB

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Cowboys looking at signing Shaq Leonard

Darius 'Shaq' Leonard is on the open market after the Indianapolis Colts shockingly released the All-Pro linebacker. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams expected to at least consider signing him according to David Moore of The Dallas Morning News.

The decision to sign Leonard is not as simple as seeing a former All-Pro and opting to add him to the mix. Leonard underwent back surgeries in recent offseasons and his playing time has been limited as a result, which created some internal frustration internally with the Colts over how much he was costing the team relative to his production.

So, for whichever team signs him, they may be getting less an immediate on-field production add and more of a morale boost than anything else. That doesn't mean, though, that Leonard would be an unimpactful addition. His experience achieving at a high level defensively could be a good add for the Cowboys' defense in general.

That said, Leonard's shock over his benching in Indianapolis and subsequent cut could indicate he's more game-ready than his playing time in Indy previously suggested.

Since the Cowboys also already boast a solid defense, Leonard may be a good add even if he's only available on limited downs. Dallas could use an extra oomph, one that Leonard may be able to provide.

Dianna Russini indicated that the Vikings, Eagles, and "others" are all collecting information on him (subscription required).

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