NFL Rumors: Davante Adams trade package, Goff hometown discount, Rex Ryan

  • What would it take to trade for Davante Adams this offseason?
  • Will Jared Goff give the Detroit Lions a hometown discount?
  • What happened between Rex Ryan and the Dallas Cowboys?

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NFL Rumors: Rex Ryan still interested in NFL comeback

Rex Ryan seemed to be on the shortlist of candidates for the then-vacant Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator gig before the team ultimately decided to roll with former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, who spent 13 seasons with the franchise from 1994-2006, serving as their defensive backs coach in their most recent Super Bowl win in 1995. 

Alas, the Cowboys elected to name Zimmer their new defensive coordinator. But it’s not because of anything Ryan did or didn’t do throughout his interview process, per ESPN’s Senior NFL insider Adam Schefter.

“They loved Rex [Ryan]” Schefter said, adding that Ryan “made quite the mark on the Jones family.” 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect out of all this is Ryan (a current ESPN analyst) refuting Schefter’s initial reports from last week stating that Zimmer was expected to be hired by the Cowboys during a live segment of ESPN’s Postseason NFL Countdown, knowing he was in contact with Dallas about the vacancy.

While the Cowboys are now off the table, Ryan expressed his interest in making an NFL comeback if a situation emerged where he felt competing for a Super Bowl was an attainable goal, something he believes Dallas can do given their talented roster of players.

It’s been nearly a decade since Ryan last coached in the NFL, but he has extensive experience as a successful head coach and coordinator and is well-respected across the league for his defensive mind.