NFL Rumors: Jets' failed QB heist, Hunter Renfrow trade buzz, Bears preach patience

  • Bears' Jaquan Brisker doesn't want to hear your boos

  • Is Hunter Renfrow's time with the Raiders coming to a close?
  • Jets try to sign a new quarterback but fail miserably
Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh, New York Jets
Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh, New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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NFL Rumors: Bears safety Jaquan Brisker tells fans to be patient

As supporters of one of the NFL's most trodden-on doormats, Chicago Bears fans have suffered for decades and decades. Safety Jaquan Brisker just wants them to suffer a little more quietly.

After the Bears lost to the Packers, 38-20, in Week 1, Bears safety Jaquan Brisker didn't appreciate hearing boos rain down at Soldier Field. He said on The Bernstein & Holmes Show, "We got booed very early when the game wasn't over, we were still in it. Don't get me wrong when I say this or don't take it the wrong way... Bears fans should have our back a lot more and be patient."

Excuse the Bears faithful for expressing their frustration when Justin Fields throws a pick-6, or when Chase Claypool twiddles his thumbs, or when every Bears' attempt to run the ball gets blown up.

The Bears finished with over 300 yards of scrimmage but had little to show for it. Green Bay build up a 24-point lead by the third quarter, and that's around when the boos started raining down more heavily. The Packers scored three touchdowns in that quarter, effectively stamping their win in Week 1. Bears fans had to wait years, lifetimes, for some, to see some solid quarterback play, and this is all the team can come up with? A couple of field goals and garbage time scores?

This long-suffering fanbase deserves better.