NFL Rumors: Latest on Chris Jones, Nick Bosa and Mike Evans contracts

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NFL Rumors: Chris Jones and Chiefs contract talks coming down to the wire

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones is inching closer and closer to missing Week 1 of the regular season.

Like Nick Bosa, Jones has held out of camp this entire summer hoping to use his absence as leverage to get an extension done.

With just two days until the Chiefs' season opener against the Detroit Lions, no progress has been made on a long-term deal, per reports.

NFL's Ian Rapoport said on Tuesday that Jones' deal has been especially difficult to negotiate given the plethora of factors to be considered.

Whereas a player like Lamar Jackson might get a carbon copy of Jalen Hurts' deal with a few changes here and there, Chris Jones doesn't have a perfect precedent.

Rapoport noted that Jones' contract would likely fall somewhere in between Aaron Donald's $31 million a year and Quinnen Williams' $24 million a year, "but figuring out where has been really challenging."

Rapoport said: "[Jones] is more accomplished, he's older, it is a third contract, it's a different situation than the other guys."

Similar to Bosa's situation, the question Jones may be asking the Chiefs is how close can he get to Aaron Donald money? The 2022 Defensive Player of the Year candidate has accrued four consecutive Pro Bowl campaigns in the last four years and may believe he deserves a top-of-the-market deal and a much bigger raise compared to younger albeit less accomplished players at his position like Williams, Jeffery Simmons, and Daron Payne.

If Aaron Donald money is Jones' goal, the Chiefs may not be so willing to open their wallets.

Rapoport said "something significant" needs to happen for a deal to go through and that in his opinion, Jones may miss a game "to let you know how serious he's taking this."

For now, the Chiefs appear set to take the field without Jones in Week 1. More on the Jones drama to come.

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