NFL Rumors: Latest on Chris Jones, Nick Bosa and Mike Evans contracts

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NFL Rumors: Nick Bosa and 49ers may be fighting over a few million dollars

One of the biggest factors in Nick Bosa's ongoing holdout is... his family?

NFL's Ian Rapoport said that if there's one family that would hold out into the season, it's the Bosas.

Rapoport revealed on NFL+: "The Bosas take their value extremely seriously from the father to Joey Bosa to Nick Bosa. If there's one family that could ever hold out into the season, this would be it. I don't know if that's going to happen, but I'm just saying this is one family that believes what they believe and will take that stance."

Bosa will earn $17.8 million in his final and fifth year of his rookie contract. The defensive star has already accumulated millions in fines for holding out of camp and has yet to practice with the 49ers this summer.

Rapoport continued to elaborate on Bosa's situation, delving into the financial specifics. The 49ers are reportedly already ready to pay Bosa more than T.J. Watt at over $30 million a year -- Bosa is going to be the highest-paid pass-rusher in the NFL, there's little question about that.

The real question lies in the nitty gritty: will Bosa beat Aaron Donald's average salary of $31.7 million?

"This is about how close to Aaron Donald's $31 million and change does [Bosa] get, or does he get over that?""

Ian Rapoport

San Francisco may also have to account for a few million dollars more since Donald received a $5 million roster bonus from the Rams when he decided not to retire.

Out of all the contract wars heading into the 2023 season, Bosa's could get the ugliest. Blame the family name.