NFL rumors: Steelers interviewing coaches, Why hasn't Dallas called Vrabel? Patriots have suitors to trade pick

  • The Patriots should probably hold their No. 3 pick, but options aplenty
  • The Dallas Cowboys seem determined to ignore the best possible option to replace Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator
  • The Steelers are filling out the 2024 staff

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Steelers are interviewing coaches to fill out Arthur Smith's staff

The Steelers recently hired Arthur Smith, former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, to be the team's next offensive coordinator. Considering he is following the infamously low-performing Matt Canada, he has an edict to turn this thing around right away.

Head coach Mike Tomlin has always been one to emphasize the defense and delegate the offensive side to trusted compadres.

Smith is looking to fill out his staff, with some interviews scheduled with three coaches, according to Noah Strackbein:

  • Matt Baker: Special teams assistant, Falcons (2023); Experience as OC and QB coach at collegiate level
  • Mateo Kambui: Asst. OL coach, Falcons (2023); Experience with WRs and scouting
  • Phil Matusz: Strength and conditioning, Boston College

The last interview may be beyond the scope of just the offense, and Strackbein points out the team parted ways with both of its S&C coaches after 2023.

While people are going to balk at the idea of Smith as the OC because he failed to turn the Falcons into a winning team across three seasons, there are notable changes in his new role. For one, he reports to Tomlin, a winning coach who isn't going to let Smith do questionable things like underplay his rookie running back, without reason.

Plus, Smith got a head coaching chance in the first place because he was good as an OC. In 2020 his Titans offense put up the second-most yards in the league and fourth-most points. A great deal of that was in the run game on Derrick Henry's back, so let's hold our breath a bit, but he has a resume here.

So, Smith should be given a leash, albeit a small one to fill out his staff and hire the right people to help him lead the offense.

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