Packers Rumors: AJ Dillon on Jonathan Taylor rumors, Aaron Rodgers failure, injury report

Green Bay Packers rumors: A.J. Dillon comments on Jonathan Taylor rumors, Aaron Rodgers knows last year was a failure, star wide receiver injury update
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Packers Rumors: A.J. Dillon isn't concerned about Jonathan Taylor rumblings

Jonathan Taylor is available for trade, that much is certain. The Indianapolis Colts called his bluff, and could not receive their expect return of a first-round pick (or assets which matched that) prior to the start of the regular season. Because of that, Taylor will not play the first few games of the 2023 campaign.

One of the teams mentioned in Taylor trade talks was surprisingly the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay already features Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon as a two-back committee, so the need isn't as great as it would be for other teams more uncertain at the position.


Yet, the Packers backs are well versed in the rumor mill. Frankly, it was tough to miss. Because of that, Dillon made a statement in regards to the Taylor trade talk.

“When I saw that, I just kind of laughed,” Dillon said this week. “I don’t think much about that. I’m not going to go upstairs and start knocking on doors [about] rumors or anything like that. It’s just about when it’s time for my name to actually be brought up, when we’ve got real second-contract talks coming up, then I’ll have those talks. But that has nothing to do with me."

Dillon is more focused on Week 1 against the Chicago Bears, as he should be. Green Bay will be without Aaron Rodgers, who was dealt to the New York Jets this offseason. In Jordan Love's first game as the unquestioned starter, Dillon understands the importance of getting off to a hot start.

“I’m focused on Game 1, rocking with my guy 33 (Aaron Jones) over there – best backfield in America – and we’re going to go out there and prove it and keep balling and keep pushing each other," Dillon continued.