Parting Shot: Corbin Burnes calls out Brewers “counterproductive” offseason approach

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Corbin Burnes
Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Corbin Burnes / Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

The relationship between the Milwaukee Brewers and Corbin Burnes has been on rocky ground for a while now. It should surprise no one that he took a parting shot at the organization on his way to Baltimore.

The Orioles pulled off a stunning trade for the Cy Young pitcher on Thursday. A day later, he admitted to being just as surprised as the rest of us since Milwaukee had been talking a very different talk this offseason.

"I was shocked definitely it being this late in the spring with some of the moves that the Brewers had made to better the offense," Burnes said. "...There was shock when I called my agent and he was like 'seriously?' It kind of goes counterproductive to some of the comments that were said with the [Rhys] Hoskins signing. It definitely caught everyone off guard."

Corbin Burnes surprised by "counterproductive" Brewers

The Brewers had made a habit of trading their top players instead of paying them. The writing was on the wall for Burnes ever since they fought him over $750,000 in arbitration. But against the odds, the club had seemed to spurn the idea of a trade this offseason. Even though Burns was likely heading for a free agency departure, all indications were they wouldn't sell. They reinforced that idea when they signed Rhys Hoskins on a two-year deal. His big bat was supposed to provide better support for the pitching staff led by Burnes.

After taking that step in the right direction, Milwaukee took two backward by shipping the All-Star pitcher to Baltimore.

Burnes will ultimately be happier to be out of Milwaukee and with a franchise that increasingly seems committed to actually winning. And truthfully, Brewers fans will be better off not having to deal with Burnes' dissatisfaction with the organization. That's especially true if the prospects Milwaukee picked up in the trade work out.

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