Patriots Rumors: Belichick decision made, shots at Mac Jones, emotional Tom Brady

  • Tom Brady gets emotional talking his relationship with Belichick
  • Malik Cunningham signed by Ravens, leading to shot from Patriots OT at current QBs
  • A decision has been made on Bill Belichick's future

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Patriots Rumors: Malik Cunningham signs with Ravens, Trent Brown takes shot at Jones, Zappe

Malik Cunningham has been the source of a ton of intrigue over the past few months with the Patriots since he was signed out of Louisville as an undrafted free agent. And with the struggles of both Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe at quarterback this year, some fans were even calling for the rookie to get his shot.

He won't have that chance now, though.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens signed Cunningham off of the Patriots practice squad to the active roster, putting the quarterback in the familiar position of backing up Lamar Jackson, a role he filled in college with Louisville before eventually replacing Jackson.

But that's where it gets even more interesting for New England, beyond a potential missed opportunity. Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown took to Instagram Stories after Cunningham's deal with Baltimore with a message: "Go flourish where your talent is respected".

Cunningham reportedly worked as a wide receiver at times in New England in practicing this season, so perhaps Brown is solely speaking about the opportunity for him to simply go be a quarterback for the Ravens. However, it could also be a shot at Jones and Zappe amid their struggles that Cunningham should've gotten his opportunity at the job as well, something that obviously never happened.

It's been clear for much of the year that the follies of yesteryear and this year as well that the Patriots might be crumbling from within. This might be yet another example of that, both with losing Cunningham to Baltimore and with Brown's reaction and possible shot at the team's current quarterbacks in response.