Ranking Michigan’s remaining games by danger level without Jim Harbaugh on sideline

Jim Harbaugh is out for the rest of the season. What is the most likely game that Michigan will lose with the head coach off the sideline?
Purdue v Michigan
Purdue v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

With Jim Harbaugh not allowed to be on the sideline for the rest of the regular season, the Michigan Wolverines might be on an upset alert for their next three games. The team has three hardest games of the season as they face off against Maryland, Penn State, and Ohio State. The two games against the state schools will be the difference between the school heading to the playoff or not.

With the head coach out for the rest of the regular season, the team will be at a huge disadvantage when it comes to in-coaching adjustments.

3. At Maryland on Nov. 18

While Maryland will most likely go to a bowl game this season, this is a game that the Wolverines should win without Harbaugh. The Terrapins started off this season with a hot offense but have started to cool off after losing to Ohio State a couple of weeks ago. Michigan might let Maryland hang around a little bit longer than they should but the Wolverines should win this game on talent alone.

2. At Penn State on Nov. 11

The Penn State Nittany Lions are one of the best teams in the country this season and would have been a challenge for the Wolverines regardless of whether Harbaugh was on the sideline or not. The Nittany Lions' offense is one of the best in the country and will certainly benefit from having a less experienced coach on the opposing sideline.

Still, Michigan should be able to get by against one of the best teams in the country. J.J. McCarthy is a very experienced QB who can play well without his head coach. Of course, the team would be better off with Harbaugh on the sidelines but they should be able to get by in a close game due to the team having more offensive talent.

1. Ohio State on Nov. 25

Ohio State and Michigan are pretty much even when it comes to overall talent. Yes, the Buckeyes defense might be better but the overall talent is pretty much the same between the two squads. This is a game that will come to coaching decisions. With Harbaugh out, the rivalry game might come down to poor coaching decisions made by whoever ends up replacing the coach.

Yes, Harbaugh can still make a game plan throughout the week but he cannot make in-game adjustments. Coordinators and position coaches are usually great at motivating their players but they are still developing that in-game adjustment skill. With that in mind, the Wolverines will be disadvantaged in their game against Ohio State. To be quite honest, any world where Ohio State isn't favored for this game is probably a crime now.

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