5 players Spurs fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

The San Antonio Spurs could own two lottery picks, depending on where the Toronto Raptors land in the standings, making March Madness a must-watch for their fans.

Rob Dillingham, Kentucky Wildcats
Rob Dillingham, Kentucky Wildcats / Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA
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4. Spurs can look to Duke's Jared McCain for 3-point volume

Jared McCain probably won't be the Spurs pick in the top-3, but if San Antonio lands that second lottery pick from Toronto, the Duke guard deserves your attention. He would address several pressing needs for the Spurs — especially if San Antonio decides to target a wing or a big at the top.

The baseline appeal with McCain is pretty straightforward. He's one of the best shooters in college basketball, capable of launching a variety of shots from behind the 3-point line. He would feast out of DHOs with Wemby. McCain doesn't quite mimic the J.J. Redick brand of fly-around shooter, but he can run off screens, square up on a dime, and fire 3s from virtually any angle.

On-ball, there is an increasing sense that McCain is a legitimate point guard. He is limited by his first step, but McCain offsets his poor explosiveness with gear shifts and a clever sense of angles. He reads the floor at a high level and finishes efficiently on drives, despite his lack of vertical pop. McCain's floater and general creativity make it easy to buy the full offensive package, even if he's 6-foot-3 without outlier athleticism.

The Spurs would benefit a ton from McCain's shooting dynamism and high-feel playmaking. He is going to be a limited defender, but what better star to pair with a limited guard defender than Victor Wembanyama? McCain going as high as San Antonio may feel like a reach, but the fit is undeniably strong.