Steelers Rumors: Matt Canada yells at cloud, defensive change, Pickett's status

  • Matt Canada does some damage control for a regrettable comment
  • The Steelers try out a new linebacker
  • Kenny Pickett on track to play in Week 5?

Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers
Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Steelers Rumors: Matt Canada is just a cantankerous old man

When Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada spoke to reporters on Thursday about the state of the team's offense, he emulated a particular character from TV. Abe Simpson never coached football, but he still found things to yell about.

Well, Canada did his best Abe Simpson impression when he angrily went off on the insinuation that the Steelers' offense wasn't build to come back from behind.

That insinuation came straight out of Canada's mouth, though his words were perhaps misconstrued. During the CBS broadcast of the Steelers' loss to the Texans last week, commentator Spero Dedes said, "One thing Matt Canada told us himself yesterday at their hotel: They're not quite built to come back from big leads."

Canada was naturally raked over the coals for that statement. He then did a complete 180 in Thursday's interview, telling CBS, "I firmly believe we're built to come from behind."

Canada ranted about how the commentator took his words out of context and that he has the utmost faith in this Steelers offense. All we hear is the sound of a coach blabbing non-stop about problems he hasn't yet fixed.

The Steelers still rank 25th or worse in points per game and yards per game. Their fearless leader, Kenny Pickett, is recovering from injury. They face the AFC North-leading Ravens next.

Chances are, things are going to get worse before they get better.