Yankees fans pile on Stephen A. Smith after pathetic first pitch

Stephen A. Smith threw quite possibly the most embarrassing first pitch in Yankees history, and fans and colleagues let him hear it.

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Lord have mercy. Just when you thought Stephen A. Smith couldn't embarrass himself more, this man outdid himself, and the New York Yankees saw it live.

Smith's first pitch ahead of New York's bout with the Toronto Blue Jays was so bad, it warrants being on SportsCenter's Not Top 10. Not just for tonight or this week, but for all perpetuity. Not even 50 Cent's first pitch was this embarrassing.

To make matters worse, Smith told baseball fans to shut their mouths and even bragged about throwing out the first pitch on First Take Thursday morning. But, as he himself loves to say, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Boy, did he ever get a slap in the face of reality. Don't buy it? Just ask fans on Twitter and some of his colleagues.

Oh, and a note to the baseball community. Would you all please not be quiet, and call into his podcast and ask him if he has anything to say now? He's pretty tough when he's on top, but rants and retaliates when it's blatantly obvious he messed up.

Stephen A. Smith gets a large piece of humble pie after embarrassing first pitch for New York Yankees

This isn't the first time Stephen A has embarrassed himself to the point of extreme mockery outside of the debate table. Need we remind folks of the Celebrity All-Star Game against Michael Wilbon, where Smith talked a lot of trash prior to the game, got embarrassed during the contest, received a technical foul, ranted on television the next day that it was rigged, and then said he would drop 50 in a game when we all know the only 50 that is getting dropped is a $50 bill?

Need we also bring up the Celebrity Family feud incident where Smith said he would not lose to Dallas Cowboys fan Tamron Hall and proceeded to get SWEPT, scoring ZERO points against Hall's team? How about the comments on Max Kellerman as it pertains to saying that Kellerman wasn't an athlete, or a journalist? How can Stephen A call himself an athlete now, even though he played in college, how can he call himself that now after this atrocity?

If you feel bad for Stephen A, then you obviously have a much bigger heart than most folks. This is not the time to feel sorry for Mr. Smith. He talked, he bloviated, and he got humbled. Sometimes, the larger forces work in mysterious ways, and they deserve a large thank you for this.

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