Jon Gruden won’t coach in NFL without franchise quarterback in place

After the Oakland Raiders fired Dennis Allen on Monday evening there were suggestions that Jon Gruden could return to the franchise as coach.

For now that hasn’t happened as the team decided to hire Tony Sporano on an interim basis. But what about in the future? Could the Oakland Raiders bring Jon Gruden back? Well, they’ll need to hope Derek Carr pans out as Gruden apparently isn’t interested in returning to the league unless a team has a franchise quarterback in place.

While it’s a bit egotistical on the part of Jon Gruden, he has earned the right as he continues to turn down job offer after job offer. It’s obviously a smart decision on the part of Gruden as there’s no reason to get back into coaching only to struggle with a sub-par team lacking a Pro Bowl caliber signal caller. Still, he’s going to need a perfect storm of a scenario to find a team who he’d like to coach who has a franchise quarterback in place and can afford his albatross salary demands.

So far he hasn’t found a taker and as of now it doesn’t look like there is one out there either.

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