NXT UK recap for June 12, 2019: A Wolf in Wolfe’s Clothing

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The Shape of Jazz to Come

Xia Brookside gets her chance to exact revenge on those who push her around by teaming up with Isla Dawn to take on the new business partnership of Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. It goes … well, at least she doesn’t take the pin, right?

If only Jinny had a tag team partner that wasn’t Jazzy Gabert! Xia and Isla kick Jinny’s ass pretty easily until The Fashionista bumbles over to her corner to tag in her new enforcer. This poses a problem because of course, Gabert is an insanely strong monster of a woman who looks like she could body slam the Loch Ness Monster. She makes quick work of Brookside, who for her sake is thankfully able to get free at one point to tag in Dawn.

Dawn seems to have a bit of something going, hitting Gabert with some forearms and a jumping knee, until her attempt to deliver a kick to the head gets caught out of the air. Gabert promptly hits her with the Dominator for the would-be pinfall, except Jinny is out there on the apron demanding to be tagged in. Not one to go against the orders of her ostensible boss — at least not yet — Gabert tags Jinny in, allowing her to steal the glory and pin Dawn.

Like we said in last week’s recap, “With Gabert by her side, why, it’s possible Jinny will never have to actually try at anything in order to be successful ever again!” Consider that hypothesis proven 100 percent true. At least until Jazzy turns on Jinny for exploiting and under-appreciating her.

Another beatdown at the hands of a much larger opponent, it’s back to the drawing board for Brookside. If nothing else, she should consider changing her catchphrase from “Fly With Brookside” to “Flya with Xia.” Just saying.