10 best transfer portal additions that will shape the 2024 college football season

These college football transfer additions could be what it takes to make these teams champions.

Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels
Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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2. Former Alabama S Caleb Downs to Ohio State

I am not saying this lightly. By transferring to Ohio State instead of to Georgia, safety Caleb Downs may have changed the trajectory of who is going to win the national championship next year. Again, I would still take my alma mater of Georgia over the Buckeyes, but Downs to Ohio State certainly changes the game. Downs is the biggest loss Kalen DeBoer suffered while taking over at Alabama.

There is not a wide receiver he will go up against, outside of maybe Evan Stewart now at Oregon, of course, who can hold a candle to what Downs went up against every weekend playing SEC football. Because he will be practicing against the best wide receivers in the country at a place like Ohio State, iron will be sharpening, despite Downs never playing in an Iron Bowl again. Man, Alabama is down bad.

Overall, I would expect for Downs to continue to build his resume over the next year or so before he inevitably decides to turn pro. He is probably going to be a first-round lock at this point, but he needs to go out and prove it on the football field. Ohio State gets defensive stars drafted all the time, but plenty of their former defensive backs have busted majorly in the league after leaving Columbus.

Downs is not going to bust, but he carries with him incredible expectations upon arrival at Ohio State.