2024 NFL Draft, Full 3-round mock draft post-Combine: Vikings, Chiefs trade up

  • Vikings trade up for a quarterback
  • Chiefs get aggressive to draft a Combine standout
  • Steelers fill holes in all three rounds

NFL Combine
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10. New York Jets: Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State

As the week went on and particularly as the big fellas got out onto the field to start testing, we started to hear more and more about how impressive the offensive tackle class has been in terms of what NFL scouts and executives believe. But really, if you’ve been watching the tape, that’s no surprise, and it’s a gift for the Jets that they get an almost complete board at the position with Alt being the only one off of the board. 

That leaves Olu Fashanu to be the guy that New York will tab with the crucial task of keeping Aaron Rodgers upright and healthy as the Jets try to make their short-window run at a Super Bowl with the multi-time MVP. 

Fashanu isn’t as polished as some of the offensive tackles in the class but his tools and movement skills are just flat-out freaky. Guys with his size shouldn’t be able to showcase the power he’s capable of but also move as swiftly and freely does when he’s out there setting the edge. 

The one concern for the Jets is that they need a readymade starter right now at tackle to get things on the right track. Fashanu, even if he has extreme potential to get better, can still handle that and should come into the NFL without much of a hitch. Particularly after receiving NFL coaching, he should be considered a pretty damn sure thing.